Red Wheel/Weiser March New Releases

Here are all of our new releases for March!

Tarot, Aliens, Diversity, Spirituality, and more!

Ancestral Tarot by Nancy Hendrickson

As a longtime tarot enthusiast with 40 years of experience in the field of genealogy, Nancy Hendrickson offers a new take on tarot that incorporates ancestor work. With a tarot deck in hand, readers will learn how to identify and access ancestral gifts, messages, powers, protectors, and healers.

The Ancient Alien Question, 10th Anniversary Edition by Philip Coppens

Fifty years after Erich von Däniken posed these questions in Chariots of the Gods, Coppens provides clear, concise answers to the historical enigmas in an accessible, readable format. This new edition features a foreword by Kathleen McGowan, along with a new afterword that is the last essay Philip Coppens wrote.

The Essential Diversity Mindset by Soo Bong-Peer

In our divided climate with heightened concerns and emotions over inclusion, racism, and activism, The Essential Diversity Mindset offers a transformative approach to diversity. It will inspire readers to pause and reflect on where they are and explore how we can make positive shifts to thrive in unity with differences.

How to Communicate Effectively with Anyone, Anywhere by Raul Sanchez and Dan Bullock and illustrated by Ron Sanchez

In How to Communicate Effectively with Anyone, Anywhere, two NYU professors reveal a new approach to global communication including effective emailing, public speaking, and negotiation. Part instructional text, part empowering workbook, they offer practical and proven strategies. You will gain essential skills for operating across cultural settings and a firm foundation for managing global business.

Neale Donald Walsch’s Little Book of Life by Neale Donald Walsch

A little book that teaches readers how to incorporate the message of Conversations with God into their daily lives, this is indeed Walsch’s essential life guide for the twenty-first century. Readers can think of this book as either Conversations with God in a Nutshell or the Essential Conversations with God.

The Promise of Kuan Yin by Martin Palmer and Jay Ramsay with Man-Ho Kwok

The best and most comprehensive book on the most important and best-loved Chinese goddess. Originally published as Kuan Yin in 1995 and republished as The Kuan Yin Chronicles in 2009, this seminal work explores the origins and evolution of the goddess in ancient China, early Buddhism, Taoism, and shamanism.

This Life Is Yours by Linda Martella-Whitsett and Alicia Whitsett

This is a book about healing your whole self; a book about becoming conscious and discovering the eternal and unbreakable you. The authors takes you on a journey of discovery in which you will discover tools for wholeness and power. Regardless of circumstances, you can live a light-filled, joyous life!

The Way of the Witch by Sally Morningstar

Author Sally Morningstar leads readers on an enchanted journey of one of the oldest spiritual traditions known to humankind, providing an accessible introduction and how-to guide to all aspects of the Craft. Discover the roots of witchcraft and the meaning of what it is to be a witch, as well as seasonal cycles, rituals, spells, and practical magic. Learn how to tap into magic, re-empower yourself, connect with the natural world, and realize your dreams through ancient knowledge.



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