by Raúl Sánchez, Dan Bullock, and Rod Sánchez, authors, How to Communicate Effectively with Anyone, Anywhere

How do you grab an audience’s attention? Well, have you ever caught yourself staring into the flame of a candle and felt your consciousness clear? You may have been inadvertently tapping into a yogic-Hindu focusing practice called trataka. When our attention fixates on a defining flame, our consciousness is absorbed into a meditative state.

In the same way, as global presenters, we must create an allure for our audiences using presentation “hooks,” which draw our audiences to the flame of our idea. In this…

by Linda Martella-Whitsett and Alicia Whitsett, authors, This Life Is Yours

Once you activate your spiritual capacities by committing to intentional action, you begin to see yourself more clearly. You open to the whole of you and begin to craft a fullness of life that leads to feelings of well-being. You learn to respect and be responsive to your intuitive wisdom, out of which arise clues to your own innate capacities. By honoring your past, your feelings, your needs, and your ability to wait, you become better able to honor your wholeness and to embrace your whole life.

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The past…

by Nancy Hendrickson, author, Ancestral Tarot

Back in the day, anyone interested in ancestors was probably trying to prove a connection to European royalty or an American Revolutionary War hero. But now, especially with the availability of DNA testing, we all want to know our heritage. Where did we come from and who were the people who came before us? Fortunately, tracking down ancestral origins is as easy as spitting into a tube and waiting four weeks for the results.

For some — especially those with Eastern European Jewish DNA — your ethnic origins probably don’t stray that far into…

by Soo Bong Peer, author, The Essential Diversity Mindset

Diversity and race relations have reached a boiling point that has become the central focus in America today. Race-related police shootings, white nationalist protests, violent riots, college demonstrations, killing of police officers, and the stifling of free speech are just some of the many symptoms of our divided country. It is alarming to witness the extent of racial divides spurred by the injustices and conflicts that are spreading through the fabric of our lives in America like a malignant lesion.

We should ask ourselves: Why is America’s racial divide getting worse…

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Tarot, Aliens, Diversity, Spirituality, and more!

Ancestral Tarot by Nancy Hendrickson

As a longtime tarot enthusiast with 40 years of experience in the field of genealogy, Nancy Hendrickson offers a new take on tarot that incorporates ancestor work. With a tarot deck in hand, readers will learn how to identify and access ancestral gifts, messages, powers, protectors, and healers.

The Ancient Alien Question, 10th Anniversary Edition by Philip Coppens

by Stephanie Mines, PhD, author, We Are All in Shock

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Shock begins the moment when we are confronted with an experience so stunning that our body/mind system is overwhelmed. A baby separated from his or her mother at birth; a child in need of attention who is ignored by busy parents; witnessing the death of a friend or a loved one; losing a body part in war, a child at birth, or all your possessions in a natural disaster — these experiences are the settings for shock. …

by Judy Ringer, author, Turn Enemies Into Allies

· How do I manage conflict between employees?

· What should I do when coworkers don’t get along?

In 26 years of teaching and coaching, I have seen managers and leaders struggle with these questions. Why? Because conflict among coworkers saps time and energy and limits creativity, not to mention keeping managers up at night.

I see otherwise skilled and technically savvy managers and chief executives wondering what to do. Should I intervene? Bring them together? Work individually? What do I say?

It’s not an easy decision. If you intervene unskillfully, you…

by Jane Finkle, author, The Introvert’s Complete Career Guide

When faced with a classic extrovert, you may find the flood of information so overwhelming that you have difficulty finding a space to inject your own thoughts and ideas. Even though you may be working at home these days, you may find yourself in a position that demands virtual client, customer, or team meetings or scarier yet, lengthy formal presentations. But recognize as an introvert your natural tendency to listen; focus, and pose questions can further a conversation or discussion in a meaningful direction. With some careful reflection and planning, you…

by Jacob Nordby, author, The Creative Cure

When I tell people that I am a writer and creative guide, I tend to hear the response, “Oh, that sounds interesting,” often followed by, “I’m just not that creative,” or “I’ve never been a creative person.” I often perceive a note of regret in these statements, even loneliness, as if these folks were missing out on a special club they don’t deserve to join.

Nothing could be further from the truth — and yet this sentiment is widespread, which perplexes me. …

by Peter Economy, author, Wait, I’m the Boss?!?

It’s true — millennials are talented.

When they’re not being wrongly labeled as lazy and entitled, millennials shine brightly as the tech-savvy, resourceful, and collaborative hard workers that they truly are. There are many things this generation excels at, but there’s one thing they do especially well compared to generations prior: talking about money.

Despite being behind in building wealth in comparison to their elders, millennials are ahead in discussing finances.

PC: Pixabay

A recent survey conducted by Insider and Morning Consult asked 2,096 Americans about their earnings, debt, and financial health. With 670…

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